Social Action

The Social Action Division is the practical arm of the church and is responsible promoting community and social engagement. Our social action programmes include:

  • Alpha Community Centre
  • New Dawn Elderly Club
  • Good Neighbour Centre
  • Youth Project
  • Food Bank
  • B-Active+

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The Discipleship Division is responsible for wholisticly developing and nurturing our people. Our discipleship programmes include:

  • Children’s Ministries
  • Youth Ministries
  • Christian Education
  • Women’s Ministries
  • Men’s Ministries
  • Senior Ministries
  • Family Ministries
  • Cell Groups


The Worship Division is responsible for worship and music ministries within the church, including the worship team, music, choirs, audio visual, media and technology.


The Stewardship Division is responsible for ensuring our gifts and resources are used and managed effectively, maintaining adequate and transparent systems of accountability; and providing a safe and secure environment for all.

Functions and departments within this division include: Hospitality, Administration & Finance, Catering, Stewards, Pastors’ Support Team, Health & Safety, Public Relations, Corporate Fundraising, Transport, Building & Maintenance and Kingdom Kafe.


Our Evangelism Division is responsible for planning, promoting and engaging the church in outreach and mission activies, visiting those in prison or hospital and following up new converts.