“A passion to serve and build with purpose and excellence through worship, evangelism, discipleship, stewardship, fellowship and social action”


Vibrant Spirit-filled worship services
Effectual fervent prayer ministry
Worship lifestyle through submission to the word
Regular family worship
Consistent pattern of church attendance
Effective worship and music ministry

Every member a witness
Every soul is valued
Preaching of the full Gospel
Effective follow up
Reaching beyond the four walls
At least 25 members added each year

Quality teaching ministry
Regular Bible study
Developing and mentoring new converts
Identifying and training ministers and leaders
Developing our children & young people
Effective pastoral care

Fellowship & Social Action
A warm welcoming environment where everyone is welcome
Love without partiality
Caring for others through acts of love and mutual support
Regular fellowship and interaction
Engaging with and helping to meet the needs of our communities
Provide adequate facilities to meet the needs of church and community

Recognition and utilisation of gifts for the edifying of the body
Faithful committed members
Regular tithing & generous giving
Financial management & accountability
Adequate facilities for meeting the needs of the church and community
A safe environment for everyone
Continuous improvement